Sustainability and Environmental Care

Our 100th dealer premise in Brazil sets new standards on sustainability.

Sustainable Dealer in Brazil

We opened our 100th premise in Brazil on last week, after an impressive string of 50 inaugurations that has doubled our dealer network in the country, in less than 5 years. The new dealer has established an important landmark and it is perhaps the greenest heavy trucks dealer in the world with the highest level of sustainability. For me, it is the time to celebrate the closing of a wonderful project cycle. We opened more than 50 new dealer premises in this period, an average of almost one new facility per month. 50% of dealers’ shareholders are new investors into our business and our dealers are now financially healthy and ready to support our company’s objectives. In Latin America we reached 215 sites in our network, encompassing the Argentinean maturity, the Chilean modernity, the Uruguayan sympathy, the Colombian prosperity and the Venezuelan challenge, including the andean and centro american countries yet. I’m pleased to have led this process and proud of my team.

 The owners of Mercalf in Jundiaí, my friends Helio and Cristina Cangueiro, invested more than money into this project. They performed it with energy, love and respect to a concept that sows the seed for the future of the humanity and the future of our children. The employee’s uniforms are made of a special fabric that uses fibers from recycled plastic bottles. Instead of decorative plants, fruit trees will be used in the green areas. Even the invitation cards to the dealer inauguration event were sustainable, carrying seeds of flowers ingrained in the paper: “plant the invitation card, and it will blossom”.

I’m proud and happy because of our great achievements. We made something impressive when it comes to the dealer network expansion and its strengthening in short term but, in addition, we have made something different. The environmental care in a dealer net is more than a concept. It is a matter of attitude. I hope that others follow that example.

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