Brazil is not for amateurs.

Country is full of traps in the Automotive Business

With one amongst the most attractive markets in the world, Brazil is full of traps that demand deep knowledge upon local characteristics. Brazil is no longer a country for adventurers in the automotive business. With continental dimensions and a complex taxes chain, customer demands high quality and commitment. Country has a solid financial system, democratic, with huge operational bureaucracy. Opinion makers can lead a strong brand from heaven to hell quickly. Brazil is the only country with a strong legislation specifically written for the automotive industry and for the relationship between dealers and manufacturers. A wrong marketing strategy kills a great brand but, a correct marketing strategy will not sell a bad product nor mislead the customer. Unions, Associations, Councils, Manufacturers, Press, Media, are as powerful as religions and soccer teams communities. Politicians are enemies and friends at the same time and they sign the law that drives the Country. Some cities fight against each other aiming at attracting new plants and investors, offering more benefits than they could deliver. Brazil is not for amateurs. Country is fascinating. A wonderful opportunity for those with high competence, and a risk and trap for the less experienced. 

A pedidos, fui solicitado a resumir esse texto e publicá-lo novamente.

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