A narrow view for a respected analyst

Orlando Merluzzi and Foton Aumark Trucks

THE ECONOMIST has issued an article comparing the economies of Brazil and Mexico, with a narrow view for the reality.  

I think different and I have expressed my comment within The M&A/8 Management Consulting Group (LAInvestment Group) this week, with a wide view of the importance of both countries for Latin America and for other developed countries:

The comparison between Mexico and Brazil should be only made for reference and it has no practical effect. Mexico is a competent country, that has been successful on dealing with foreign trade agreements, mainly when it comes to the automotive industry. Mexico is also an important entry door to USA. On the other hand, Brazil is the seventh-larger economy is the world, and it will grow anyway. Mexico’s economy is as tied to US as Brazil’s economy is tied to China. If China grows, Brazil grows and it is not expected any Chinese crises for the upcoming years. Brazil is the proper country for investments in South America. Any worldwide corporation will only be strong in Latin America if invest in Brazil as a hub to the other countries in that region. If both countries remain strong (Mexico and Brazil), the economy of all Latin America area will be healthy. And this is good for all. Even for the developed countries. In summary, both are countries for the future. China, Brazil and Mexico represent a new order for worldwide economy in short term future.  Only numbers don’t show the backstage. OM

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