Brazil is more than carnival, soccer, sexy ladies and slum.

Brazil: a proper place for sustainable investments

Brazil takes off (The Economist)

Really don’t understand why do all the Rock’n Roll pop stars visiting Brazil have to go to a slum (Favela) as the only possible destination in that wonderful Country? Favelas, unfortunately have been present all over the world. Pop stars seem to have the need of recording a video in a Brazilian slum, as something missing in their curriculum vitae. Bad briefing. It doesn’t show the reality of the largest economy in Latin America.

Brazil is a reference for heart research, cardio medicine and surgeries. Country has the highest level of agricultural productivity in the world, and it is one amongst the five largest automotive markets. All the worldwide automotive manufacturers are also established in Brazil. One amongst the most advanced, reliable and solid banking systems in the world; the 3rd place in the aviation industry; the 2nd largest iron ore producer, and one amongst the most valuable oil reserves.

Brazil is not only Rio de Janeiro. The States of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais have been compared to California in golden years. The South of the Country is like a little Europe inside South America in terms of culture, people, education and productivity. Brazilian Amazonia is a reserve for the future of the humanity in terms of medicine. There is natural beauty, all over the country.

Favelas need social development, but Brazil is much more than carnival, soccer, sexy ladies and slums.  A great democratic Country. No war. No terrorism, where religions can live together and peacefully. People respect each other; women and men have the same rights and obligations. Black, white, asian, muslim, jewish, rich, poor, all can walk on the same sidewalk. Security in Brazil and corruption amongst politicians, well, are a problem exactly as in the most developed countries of the world, but by far it is still much better than the other countries under development, with a sensitive advantage: Brazilian people are happy.

Brazil is a country for everyone. A proper destination for sustainable investments. A market hub for Latin America.

Remark: Image credited to The Economist.

Source: MA8 Management Consulting Group Ltd (

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