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Purchasing of trucks Euro III because of the Euro V didn’t come yet.

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Most of customers have still not realized what is Euro V and how this will impact their lives from now on…

A lot of specialists in the automotive sector had waited a great movement of purchase of trucks in the end of 2011: fleet owner should anticipate the acquisition of new trucks to avoid the increase of prices (from 8% to 18% as estimated) that incorporate all technology Euro V, that begins (if God permits) on the next January.  However, the retail volume of heavy trucks in November confirms that the forecasts were exaggerated in the month. Until Nov 20th, 10,500 new trucks above of 2,8t had been registered. This is far below the same period in November last year and the average of daily trucks registration in the month dropped by 12%, from 920 to 810 trucks/day. This is stranger, isn’t it?  It concerns that some part of the market still has not understood what does the Euro V mean. When it comes to the impact of the Diesel S50, how do the new trucks operate, and, what is EGR and SCR. Too many doubts and short time remaining until the beginning of Euro V in Jan/2012 (and the Petrobras says nothing upon logistics and the distribution of the Diesel S50 and Arla32).  Take a look on my post dated Feb 26, 2011, about “wine and truck”.

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