Anhembi facilities have no longer capacity to support auto shows

2011 Trucks show (Fenatran) in Sao Paulo was the best in many years.



Leading trucks manufacturers remain strong: Mercedes, VW/MAN, Ford, Iveco, Volvo and Scania. Nice Iveco’s presence with a very beautiful stand. New comers started to show the nose. There was even a Chinese autoparts village well organized (I wonder whether all of them have official license to import legally in Brazil. If not, they couldn’t be present but I am sure that the local organization had checked it…).

The Anhembi exposition facilities have no longer capacity to support auto shows in Sao Paulo. Need urgently another place for expositions in the greater Sao Paulo, to support the increased demand in the Brazilian automotive industry. This is a great opportunity for investors to build up something better and bigger than Anhembi nearby Sao Paulo (something like IAA with more than one pavilion). All those new comers will require further space inside Anhembi and two bodies may not occupy the same space at the same time (Physics).  Without any competition, the company that owns the rights to explore Anhembi defines all the rules and prices.

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